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What You Get by Joining UsWeb hosting features overview

VIP Membership Basic Membership

General Features

Monthly price $21.75 $2.15
Hosting Locations 🇪🇺Europe or 🇺🇸USA 🇪🇺Europe only
Number of domains that can be placed on the server 100 3
Total disk storage capacity 500 GB 20 GB
Web disk storage capacity 250 GB (max. 2 500 000 files) 10 GB (max. 100 000 files)
Database disk storage capacity 125 GB 5 GB
E-Mail disk storage capacity 125 GB (max. 125 000 files per mailbox) 5 GB (max. 50 000 files per mailbox)
Bandwidth Unmetered Unmetered
Domain aliases allowed 10
Operating system Linux
Online DNS Management
High-Performance Servers
Cloud E-Mail Services
Hosting Control Panel
24/7 Monitoring
Uplink 1Gbps
Uptime 99,98%
Shared IPv4 / IPv6
Free Setup
Cancel Anytime
E-Mail Support business days, from 08:00 to 17:00

Webserver Features

PHP Supported versions: 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4, 8.0, 8.1, 8.2, 8.3
.htaccess support
CRON Interval 5min
Full cron
Webcron only
Unlimited number of accounts

Limit is 10 accounts
SSH, SFTP, rsync
Custom php.ini settings
Custom SSL
FUP limit 1800 per hour / 3600 per day

FUP limit 600 per hour / 1200 per day
FUP limit 1800 per hour / 3600 per day

FUP limit 600 per hour / 1200 per day
PHP Composer
Drush CLI
PHP Processes 10 4
Let’s Encrypt SSL
SSL SNI Support
AWStats Statistics
Access / Error logs
Apache mod_rewrite and mod_alias modules
Custom error pages (401, 403, 404, etc.)
GD library, ImageMagick, FFMPEG
Password protected directories
DDOS Protection
WAF – Application firewall
PHP Laravel, Nette, CodeIgniter support
1-Click CMS installation
WordPress Ready
Joomla Ready
Drupal Ready
Prestashop Ready
Other PHP CMS Ready

Database Features

Databases allowed 5
Database remote access SSH Tunnel only
Database Admin Interface Adminer, phpMyAdmin
Disk-based databases SQLite, Berkeley DB3/DB4, CDB
Database connections 40
PostgreSQL Not yet

E-Mail Features

E-Mail domains 100 3
E-Mail mailboxes Unlimited number of mailboxes, no mailbox size limit
Disk space for emails is 125GB
10 mailboxes, no mailbox size limit
Disk space for emails is 5GB
Mailbox aliases 10
Max number of emails per mailbox 125 000 25 000
Outgoing SMTP server
FUP limit 300 / hour

FUP limit 60 / hour
Custom Antispam Settings
Catch Alls
Mail forwardings
Shared Imap Folders
Secured SMTP (SSL/TLS)
Mailbox quota’s
E-Mail Safety SSL, Antispam, Antivirus, SPF, DKIM, DMARC
POP3 / IMAP (incl. SSL)
Custom Mail Filters
E-Mail Autoresponse / Out-of-Office
Different Antispam policies

Backups & Monitoring

Full backups (web, databases, emails)
Free daily backups Backups available up to 14 days back.
No. of days we keep backups 7 days back + 3 weeks
Backups on dedicated storage servers
Backups available from Hosting Control Panel In progress
Servers Monitoring 24/7

General Hosting Features

  • Reliable and High-Performance Web Hosting
  • 1-Click WordPress Installation
  • SSL Support
  • Fast SSD and NVMe Drives
  • Online Control Panel
  • Non-Stop Servers Monitoring
  • Daily backups
Hosting Services

Nuclear.Hosting Advantages

  • Highly-equipped Web Hosting
  • Multiple Geo Locations
  • Fair Pricing
  • Professional and helpful tech. support team
  • High-Security Standards
  • Uptime Guarantee
  • DevOps Tools

Multiple Hosting Geo Locations

We provide servers in multiple Geo locations. Currently, we allow to our VIP members to choose Geolocation/hosting location for their websites. Are your customers located primarily in 🇪🇺Europe or in the 🇺🇸USA? Are your traffic comes mostly from the 🇺🇸USA or from 🇪🇺Europe? Speed up your website and decrease the load time of your websites. Place your website in the location closest to your customers and visitors.

More information about our Geo-Locations can be found in our Knowledge Base.

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Why You Should Choose Us

WordPress Optimized

Our servers fully support the WordPress content management system. With a newly released version of WordPress, we always check it and verify that it works perfectly for us.

E-mails you can trust

Web hosting includes professional and reliable email hosting and email services. Effective antispam protects your inbox from incoming and outgoing spam.

Fair Pricing

Choose a membership that you like the most and enjoy our very fair and affordable pricing. No hidden fees and our pricing is transparent and fair all the time.

OpenSource CMS

NH servers are configured and ready for any of the most common OpenSource CMS, such as PrestaShop, WordPress, phpBB, PunBB, Joomla, and many more.

Daily backups

We keep your data safe. We back up every day and archive backups for 14 days. Backups are stored in geographically separated locations on dedicated storage servers.

Control Panel

Manage your hosting account and services from one place. Everything you need to work and manage your hosting services in one place, fully automated.

1-Click Installations

Install your favorite Opensource CMS software with just one click in the Hosting Control Panel. E-commerce, Wiki, Forum boards, portals, and much more.

High Security

Security is crucial! We take care of and keep your data safe & secure. We encrypt your passwords with strong PBKDF2 and bcrypt, update servers and install security patches regularly.

Fast SSD/NVMe drives

We are using a fast SSD/NVMe drives to achieve max performance from every server. We have servers located in Europe and USA. Speed up your website by choosing your hosting geo location.

High Performance

Our servers are optimized for the best performance. Every server is monitored and configured to max performance. No overloaded servers anymore!

Uptime Guarantee

Servers and services are monitored 24/7. Our administrators keep eyes open every time and that’s why we can guarantee uptime.

DevOps features

Get from your Web Hosting maximum! You can use features like GIT, SSH, rsync, Drush, WP-CLI, one-click CMS installation, Free Let’s Encrypt SSL and much more. No extra costs!

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